Welcome to the Image Zone - Zoning in on your image dilemmas.

Do you have a wardrobe full of clothes, yet still have nothing to wear? Well you’re not alone! We wear 15% of our wardrobes 85% of the time! So if you’re fed up with wearing the same look time & time again, lack confidence to wear something different or just do not know what suits you then you need my help! Invest in a consultation with me and learn how to dress successfully for your colour pattern and your body shape and size. Once equipped with this skill, I guarantee you will be buying clothes with confidence, wearing them with style and maximising your wardrobe, ensuring you look great (and feel great!) whatever the occasion.

Consultations in Colour Analysis and Body Shape are available for women and men. Consultations are performed in either a beauty clinic, a wellness centre or in the comfort of your home, whichever you prefer. Online consultations are available too!

I also provide Wardrobe Management, Personal Shopping and Workshops specifically designed to meet your individual or business objectives. And if you’re stuck for gift ideas (or want to drop someone a subtle hint!) take a look at the Gift zone.

I am very excited to introduce you to my Swishing Zone! With the cost of living rising, everyone is feeling the pinch so recycling clothes has never been so popular! Come along to one of my swishing events or contact me to help you organise your own swish – a great idea for PTA events, charity events, businesses and even parties! A great way to have fun and update your wardrobe in the process.

Need help with your ‘Inner’ Zone? I have strong links with professionals in mindfulness, counselling, weight management, nutrition and exercise.

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